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Best Saxophone for Beginners 2018: A Buying Guide with Sax Reviews

April nineteen, 2018 By Harry





It’s an exciting moment for the preteen musician.

After putting the kiddo through the paces with an assortment of instrumental choices, the band director announces to the beginner band pupil, I believe you’re a saxophonist.

Adopting the elation of being yoked to a specific instrument, the musician will be given a lot more specific info, specifically a particular instrument within the saxophone family.

Now decisions are made.

Which instrument is best? How about budget? Rent or perhaps buy? New or perhaps used? Which is perfect saxophone for beginners?

Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano yamaha yss 475

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Yamaha YAS 280 Pupil Alto SaxophoneYanagisawa A 992 Bronze Alto Saxophone

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Yamaha YBS-52 Intermediate Baritoneyamaha ybs fifty two

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While the elation of connecting to the band is going to offer the novice emotional sustenance for some time, an inappropriate instrument will crush the spirit before the first chromatic scale is memorized.

Inasmuch, beginners, old and young, should ask questions, try a number of instruments within a variety of sax types, and value fit that is good over name brand or perhaps price tag.

To make a purchasing decision much easier for you, the following are several of the very best beginner saxophones for 2018.

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Best Beginner Soprano Saxophone

Best Alto Saxophone for Beginners

Best Beginner Tenor Saxophones

Best Baritone Saxophone for Beginners

Best Beginner Bass Saxophone

Final Thoughts

Best Beginner Soprano Saxophone

While it’s extremely rare for a middle school pupil to be placed on soprano, it does happen from time to time. A small soprano player should seek instruments that don’t comprise quality for affordability.

A cheaply made, imprecise instrument is going to cause headaches for the novice because the instrument may never be in tune.

Additionally, an instrument made of inferior materials should be stayed away from as constant breakdowns will prove both costly and discouraging.

New soprano pupils should consider Yamaha’s YSS 475. Although it’s sized and priced for the newcomer, the 475 provides uncompromising Yamaha timbre and pitch properties.

Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone

yamaha yss 475

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While always unadorned, the 475 is frequently criticized for looking plain because Yamaha forgoes the flourish of customized engraving.

Having said that, the price point savings that come with 475 ownership make the instrument available to the newcomer.

When the novice ascends to an intermediate instrument, the 475 should stay in the studio as its simplicity of use may be helpful as the intermediate pupil rehearses a difficult passage of score.

Best Alto Saxophone for Beginners

Most beginner saxophonists are steered toward the alto saxophone. As the alto is heavily relied upon in melodic portions of the woodwind score, many directors adopt a far more the merrier approach to alto instrumentation in the beginning band.

Moreover, the embouchure and airflow techniques associated with alto playing are transferrable to various other members of the saxophone family.

Most beginner altos feature keys with a loose action that promote ease of movement between notes.

Among major manufacturers, Yamaha produces a dandy of an option. The Yamaha YAS 280 is commonly regarded as the very best beginner alto saxophone on the market.

Yamaha YAS 280 Pupil Alto Saxophone


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With a gentle, ergonomic design, the 280 feels handy for the novice without sacrificing intonation and response.

A durable instrument, the YAS 280 is going to take the beating often inflicted by the newcomer, saving the expense of other tweaks and constant repairs.

Best Beginner Tenor Saxophones

Tenor saxophone is yet another great option for the beginning band pupil. A bit bigger compared to its alto cousin, the tenor may be suited for a bigger beginner who’s prepared to deal with the airflow and also the weight of the instrument.

Selmer’s TS600L is a workhouse in the middle school band. With a strong build and little design flourishes that give it really a professional appearance than the rivals of its, the TS600L is recognized as both an attractive and durable instrument.

Selmer’s TS711 is a very appreciated instrument among teachers.

With a lovely gold lacquer appearance and durable mechanics, the TS711 looks good while withstanding the rigors of experimentation.

Yamaha offers fantastic choices in its tenor line too.

Selmer TS600LSelmer Pupil Model TS600L Tenor Saxophone

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Selmer TS711Prelude TS711 Tenor Sax

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Best Baritone Saxophone for Beginners

While the baritone sax tends to be a cumbersome instrument for the novice, grow old and stature don’t necessarily preclude a novice from beginning with the baritone.

Considering the baritone’s cost, in many instances upwards of 7k, parents of pupil musicians might prefer to think about a rental instrument or perhaps a school owned instrument before making an investment in a baritone saxophone.

For those that believe it’s time to buy a first baritone, stick to the major manufacturers. While Keilworth and Selmer offer wonderful options, the perfect choice is possibly another Yamaha instrument, the Yamaha YBS 52.

Yamaha YBS-52 Intermediate Baritone Saxophone

yamaha ybs 52

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With stainless springs, drawn tone holes, and sturdy leather pads, the fifty two is recognized as a resilient option with a beautiful look.

Best Beginner Bass Saxophone

On a rare occasion, the band director is going to assign the bass saxophone job to a brand new saxophonist. A massive instrument, the Bass holds down the harmonic passages in the woodwind score.

Bass players, like the neighbors of theirs in the tuba section, are big people who have the lung support as well as the entire stature to deal with the instrument.

As is the case with baritone saxes, bass saxophones are usually rather costly. Once again, a school-owned or rental bass should be used before a family tends to make a financial commitment to buying a real bass.

In the bass section of the saxophone family, choices are limited. Amid those limited options provided by just a couple of companies, the International Model 661 is probably the only good saxophone with a fair price point.

International Woodwind Model 661 Bass Saxophone

international model 661

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With fine craftsmanship and a pleasant, brassy finish, durable, the 661 makes this massive instrument available to the new pupil.

For all those with the way to buy a far more expensive instrument, the Selmer basses offer high quality basses averagely in the 20+ k range.

Used instruments may be a good choice for bass purchase as long as the instrument is checked by a professional for playability before the purchase is made.

Final Thoughts

In the soprano, tenor portions, and alto of the saxophone family, rental and purchase make good sense.

If the novice chooses to end the instrumental career in the second or first year, the high voiced members of the saxophone family can be resold as they’re in demand that is high.

Having said that, lower instruments, particularly the bass, aren’t seen often in the symphonic band. If junior is intent on playing the bass, be sure the bass will work out for him before spending the big bucks.

As with all saxophone purchases, experimentation, conversation, and good exchanges with professionals are invaluable.

Let the novice hold the horn and get a sense for it before committing.

Once again, keep in mind that function, feel, and playing context are much more critical than branding and price.

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