Best Guitars for Rocksmith

stick, which can be easier to play if you’re a first-time learner. If you are using Rocksmith as a learning tool and intend to keep playing beyond the game, each of the guitars under are excellent options for a start player which will serve you well after you’ve played through the game’s content. These are the 4 best guitars for Rocksmith available on the market.

Ibanez RG450DX

Among the more distinctive guitars from the Ibanez lineup, the RG450 includes a durable basswood body that is built to withstand the rigors of playing. The Wizard III neck is thinner and flatter than many electric guitar necks, making it more comfortable to play and easier to play fast. Ibanez guitars have a loud, fat sound and great grip, giving them a warmer and more assertive tone than other renowned guitar manufacturers. The best thing about the Ibanez RG450 (see full specs), though, is its own action, which can be set quite low without getting any buzzing sound. This is part of what makes this guitar play so fast, and what makes it so much fun to play as soon as you’ve gotten some technique under your fingers.
Squier by Fender Classic Vibe Stratocaster

Squier by Fender 303000503 Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster Electric Guitar – 2-Color Sunburst – Maple Fingerboard

The Stratocaster has been shaping the way people hear the guitar since the’50s. Its iconic double-cutaway layout has an extended”horn” at the top for balance and is among the most versatile guitar bodies on the current market, playable in any style from pop to country to R&B, making it perfect for the beginner who may not know yet exactly which style he wants to perform. This guitar (see complete specs) has a distinctive thick tone with a solid midrange and a fast attack. It is comfortable and easy to play, and the hardware and build are of high quality, durable woods and materials.
Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster
Yamaha Pacifica

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012DLX Electric Guitar; Old Violin Sunburst

Maybe you’re not sure if you wish to keep playing guitar after you learn it via Rocksmith but still need a well-crafted tool that leaves the choice open. If that sounds like your situation, the Yamaha Pacifica is your answer. At its price, it’s very affordable for a gig-ready guitar, using a solid-wood building of walnut and rosewood. Yamaha made the Pacifica series for session players who require a versatile tool, and its audio works well with any style or genre. It has a minimal action that makes it comfortable to play, even for beginners. The diecast tuners and obstruct vintage-styled saddle keep it perfectly in tune even after hours of play, letting you focus on your technique rather than stressing over the instrument. For the budget-minded, this just may be the best guitar for Rocksmith.
‘Epiphone Les Paul Studio LT

Epiphone ENPTVSNH1 Solid Body Electric Guitars Les Paul Studio LT, Vintage Sunburst

Clearly someone over at Ubisoft thought the Epiphone Les Paul was a Great guitar for playing the game–it’s the version that comes with the Rocksmith 2014 bundle. The Les Paul is known for its designer, and alongside the Telecaster and Stratocaster discussed below, is one of rock music’s most iconic guitar shapes. Affordable and dependable with a timeless look, sound, and feel, the Studio LT is cut to the same specs as the 1952 original design, with the playability of Gibson Les Paul models that cost twice as much. This is probably the best guitar for Rocksmith period.
This Much for a Video Game Controller?

If you’re purchasing a guitar exclusively to play the game–rather than because you want to learn to play guitar–then you will probably be served well enough by getting the most affordable electric guitar you can find down at the local pawn shop. Find something playable with no major construction defects and a low enough action it will not hurt your fingers, and the game’s onboard audio filters will make it sound better than it actually is–at least great enough to be tolerable while you play through the game.

If, however, you want to use Rocksmith as a means of learning the guitar, it behooves you to invest in a good instrument like those above. Flaws in the construction of more affordable guitars can make them more difficult to play and negatively affect your technique, and will come back to bite you once you’ve advanced past the game. The sound quality is also a major consideration. You will sound better in Rocksmith than you do by yourself at first; that’s to be expected. With an excellent instrument, however, your audio won’t be a detriment to your continued playing as soon as you’ve graduated to reading tabs or music and jamming with your friends.

A note for lefties: Rocksmith can be used with left-handed players. You can select left-handed from the start, or change the handedness from the options menu in the future. You can buy a left-handed version of some of those guitars above, as well, often for the same price or for only several dollars more.

Using Rocksmith to Learn Guitar

Whenever you’re studying a musical instrument, regular practice is the key to success. You are training the muscles of your hands to associate a specific position with a given noise, and any music teacher will let you know this means slow practice and repetition–something a beginner can discover frustrating and tedious when all they want to do is play songs. The reason Rocksmith is so powerful is because it allows you to play these beginning exercises along with a song, using interactive AI to tailor them to your experience level. You still need to practice, gradually and always, but with Rocksmith the tedium of the repetition is assuaged somewhat by the video game engine.

Practicing chords take on a new dimension in Return to Castle Chordead, as well as scales are fun using Scale Racer. Whichever part of the game you’re playing, however, it’s your responsibility to absorb the information Rocksmith is providing you and convert that into real learning. Be mindful of your finger moves, and sometimes practice without the game, to get a sense of how you sound on your own. If you intend on continuing with playing or lessons past the game, you will also eventually need to learn how to read at least tabs, or even sheet music. Look up the tablature for the chords because you’re learning them, to begin associating the visual representation with what your fingers do. During training, concentration, and the best guitars for Rocksmith, the software’s promise of”learn guitar at 60 days” can come true for you. Very good luck!

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