Best Basses For Slap


1: Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 4 Bass, Natural, Maple Board
Music Man is well known for their quality products and this is no exception. Equipped with some of the best pickups for slap bass, the Stingray 4 provides high quality bass which few can compare to.

The Stingray 4 has the characteristics you’d expect from a well designed bass . It is based off the Fender P-Bass body, so that you’re more comfortable while playing.

The Stingray 4 includes a pick guard made in the classic Music Man design. If you’ve played bass until you will understand how significant the pick guard is, therefore it is good to see it’s of exceptional quality.

The ash tone timber is well made and creates excellent audio. The transparent lacquer finish is fine and provides the Stingray 4 a polished appearance.

The neck is made of maple, so it is easy to play and smooth to touch. There are a couple of H active humbuckers included and they serve as well as expected.

As I’ve come to expect from Music Man, their active humbuckers create a well balanced audio that is essential for bass. The output is hotter compared to most bass guitars therefore it’s no shock that the bass lines are actually excellent.

The Ernie Ball bass is favored by a lot of artists and it’s because of the versatility. Having the ability to change tones is key for any bass player and that is what gets the Ernie Ball a hit.

You can play with the Stingray immediately, but it’s just as easy tweak for funk, blues or metal. It is a well made bass guitar, span.

#2: Warwick Rockbass Corvette 5 series, Natural Satin Finish
If you are into slap bass sosolo,he Corvette 5 will be right up your street. Warwick has developed a following because of its distinct sound, and this 5 stringer is 1 ofofhe better ones they have got.

The Corvette 5 includes a heavy bass sound but it’s suitable for different music genres. I chose this guitar one of the rest because it’s simple to use and design.

The Corvette 5 sports a compact swamp ash body and a striking oil finish. The end result is a wewell-designeduitar that delivers bass.

The 3 3-pieceeck is constructed from maple and a no inlay rosewood fretboard. The fretboard and neck are critical for relaxation and these are among the finest I’ve seen.

The passive MEC MM pickups are nicely placed and helps with bass . Handling and tuning are easy so there should not be any difficulties.

Sound wise the Corvette 5 has the typical heavy Warwick noise but with even more energy than normal. This makes the guitar a good option if you would like to emphasize the bassguitar.

It is possible to tweak the audio hohowever,o it’s more subtle. If you like the heavy bass it’s there but it can also be silent if desired.

The humbucker pickups are set in the center of the guitar since they’re placed within the bass’ sweet spot. The Corvette 5 can play notes that are sensitive through the tone controller and two push/pull volume controllers.

By adjusting the tone and volume you may soften the noise if necessary. At precisely the same time you don’t compromise in durability, reliability or performance.

#3: Lakland Skyline Series 44-64 4-Strings Bass Guitar, Three Tone Sunburst
If you’re looking for the ideal slap bass guitar the name Lakland is not the one most guitarists would mention. Even so the brand has become known for its different sound which other bass guitars aspire for.

The Skyline collection arisotable for its distinct sound. Compared to the Warwick it is more refined though it is likely to get something heavier from it.

The Skyline Series bass guitars have a smooth, well built body. Made from walnut timber, these guitars are based on the P-bass though greatly altered.

Compared to other guitars, the Skyline Series includes a minimal cutout design that enables it to generate high notes. That would not be possible if it was a greater cut, something a great deal of bass guitarists like.

The neck is constructed of walnut, durable and designed to last. The fretboard can be built from pine and has a cozy feel to it.

In addition the Skyline Series guitars include a 3 band buffered preamp that’s compatible with MK1 split coil pickups. With these features you’ll have a simpler time tuning the bass.

The 44-64 is motivated by the 64 P bass, and it integrates the best of this P while utilizing the latest technology. You also receive a Lakland pickup that packs a lot of precision and power.

The guitar provides excellent balance thanks to the neck, and the tone is reminiscent of classic bass guitars. Beginners not, you get excellent sounds.

The Skyline Series is one of the bestsellers from LaOaklandnd as this review has shown, there are great reasons why.

#4: Fender Standard Jazz Electric Bass Guitar — Maple Fingerboard, Arctic White
If you are following the best beginner bass guitar then you are going to want to take a look at the Fender Jazz. For a lot of musicians Fender is the only name they trust and I must say the Jazz lives up to the brand’s reputation.

Its pickup setup is excellent and will be the one where others are measured. The bass is topnotch and delivers the sound you’d expect from professional grade guitars.

The Fender Jazz is a lighter version of the original, but do not let that dissuade you as this is a top quality bass guitar. It is available in different colors but they all have exactly the identical rosewood or maple fretboard.

The Jazz includes J Bass pickups which are well known for their equilibrium. With how it has been set up you get a broader expression range compared to regular bass guitars.

The Jazz is solidly built and looks fantastic, peprettyuch what you would expect from a Fender. The neck is glossy and the bridge is correctly set. Some bass guitar bridges are too low or too high but the atmosphere is just right here.

The bass is eloquent and the frets incorporate well in the whole playing experience. Due to how in which the bass is set up there’s less pressure on your hands when you perform .

The tone is warm with plenty of depth and well rounded too. It’s simple enough for a novice to use but has enough power for advanced users.

There are a lot of cool bass guitars, but when it comes to quality and standing, few stand out such as the Fender.

Number 5: Fender Standard Jazz Electric Bass Guitar — Maple Fingerboard, Brown Sunburst
This is another version of the Fender Jazz and it has the same high end specs as another. Included in this normal Series the Jazz is constructed for those who don’t need to compromise in terms of quality.

The Jazz is part of the normal Series, designed to be simple to use yet advanced enough for advanced guitarists. The guitar body cavity comes with anti-humming for superior sound and bass.

The trademark C gives the guitar its different form and keeps you comfy. This is part of the reason why it is an attractive solution for novices.

The single coil pickups are fantastic for jazz and general bass playing. With these you will have an easier time setting up the tone and range.

The Fender Jazz guitar performs as well as you would expect from a Fender. The bass stands out for its smoothness, not too high and not too heavy.

The Fender Jazz isn’t hard to use and does not set a good deal of strain in your hands how other bass guitars perform. Like the other Fender Jazz models, this one has a well designed bridge that enhances playing experience.

The frets are one of the best I’ve seen in this range, and its slap bass tone is perfect for jazz and other guitars.

The name Fender has been associated with quality and it is the brand that a lot of musicians select. While it is preferred by professionals, they even fabricate guitars for beginners.

These Fender Jazz guitars are good examples of how acceptable these are for beginners and also for extended time guitarists.

What Makes a Great Bass?
What makes a fantastic slap bass? Well it’s simple to say get a fantastic bass , but there are different things you’ll need to account for.

The simplest approach is to buy from a respectable brand. Doing so provides you assurance the guitar is appropriate for slap bass and that it is made of strong materials.

A well-designed bass guitar has a cozy feel to it. The fingerboard should not feel too narrow or too wide, just perfect.

Play the guitar and how it feels in your hands. If you can not get the audio right even after it has been set up, it is likely not suited for you.

A good bass ought to be comfortable to perform standing up or sitting down. It should not be excessively light or heavy either.

Concerning the noise, it changes from guitar to guitar and also depends on the installation and the guitarist. That is why I said it is important you set it up prior to playing.

Everyone has their own idea of how a good bass guitar should sound, so keep playing the guitar until it comes up how you desire. If it does not, try another one.

Who cried Bass Guitar?
The contemporary electrical series bass was created by Paul Tutmarc of Seattle, Washington from the 1930s. Paul was a musician who invented off the base a fretted instrument.

In 1935, Paul’s music instrument store began selling the Model 736 Bass Fiddle, a slim body, 4 string electric bass instrument. The design proved popular and they soon developed other versions.

From the 1950s, Leo Fender further refined the bass guitar and began to mass produce them. In October 1951, Fender began making the Fender Precision Bass, which goes on to become the standard by which others were measured.

The P-Bass became popular because of its lightweight and sound. Since then it has become the foundation for a variety of designs. From the 1960s the bass guitar had taken the place of the double bass in pop songs.

Various kinds of bass are available, but they all put the beat.

How to Pick Basses For Slap Bass Guitars
Before going over the different types of bass , knowing what features to look for will be critical.

The top wood decides the guitar’s tonal quality. The most widely used are:

Maple: dense timber which produces crisp tones and excellent sustain. Very clear and well defined sound.
Basswood: great for playing various genres. Basswood takes in vibration, is very soft and has restricted grip. It is perfect for intricate guitar plays.
Mahogany: mahogany bass guitars have a complete sound and hot tone. The resonance is low and the density is medium, making the bass’ lows more pronounced.
Alder and Ash: I put them together here since they share similar properties. The bass is even with a very long sustain and rich resonance.
Agathis: bulk of entry level bass guitars are made from agathis as it’s affordable. It has still got a rich tone that puts focus on the lows and middles.
Number of Strings
Bass guitars have 4, 5 or 6 strings. For beginners and many bass players, the four string guitar is the best option.

4 series guitars have narrower necks than 5 or 6 stringers and are more comfortable to play . 4 4-stringuitars are also put to EADG so it’s easier to get the hang of it.

Most popular music work best using a 4 string bass. However, country and a few religious music are more suited with a 5 or 6 string bass.

Bottom line: if you’re a beginner or play standard forms of music, a 4 string bass will probably be fine. If you want to expand your repertoire and attempt something new, get a 5 or 6 string bass.

Fretless vs. Fretted
A fretted neck makes it easier to find notes, perfect or a newcomer. A fretless bass however, has a warmer, smoother sound.

Whether it is fretted or fretless, how you play with a direct bearing on the way in which the bass will sound like.

Bass Necks
The most common are thru-body, bolt and set on. Most bass guitars possess a bolt so it does not come off easily. Bolt on necks will also be more secure and supply excellent transfer of string vibration.

These are the most significant elements to remember if you”re buying a bass guitar.

What’s the Difference Between Passive and Active Pickups?
There are 2 kinds of pickups bass guitarists can use, active and passive.

Passive Pickups
These have been around since the early days of the electric guitar and remains widely used. With a passive pickup you receive a warm tone that’s rich and full.

One drawback using a passive pickup is you don’t have a lot of control. However, the sound is lively, punchy and thick.

Active Pickups
Active pickups are newer. The noise is usually clear, percussive and glowing, and they have a battery controlled preamp that generates a bigger output in contrast to passive pickups.

Both passive and active pickups have pros and cons. Passive pickups have a greater range than active, but they’re even more prone to feedback.

Passive pickups allow you to command the treble and bass but not elsewhere. Active pickups however, rely on babatteries thatan workout.

For most beginners, a passive pickup is probably the best option. These came first and it’s a good idea to learn how it functions. You could always get an energetic pickup later on.

Also, the sort of music you play will determine what kind of pickup most suits you.

Top Bass Guitar Brands
Music Man
If we speak about the best brands of bass guitars afterward the Music Man will be one of them. The business makes some of the finest bass guitars, and their products are known for their consistency.

Warwick made its mark by creating top quality, strong sounding bass guitars. Since the company was founded it has become a trusted brand. The Corvette 5 showcased here is only one of their many popular guitars.

Fender is one of the most celebrated names in the company, with the Stratocaster and Telecaster having attained mythical status in the guitar world. Aside from these two the company also produces other affordable guitars.

Producers of this legendary Les Paul, Gibson is one of the giants in the guitar biz Together with Fender. Aside from the Les Paul, the company also creates the Firebird, the ES-335, both the SG and the Explorer.

Ibanez started by making copies of American first guitars, but it has gone on to fabricate its own unique guitars. The RG is the best known guitar but they also produce the S-Series.

These are merely some of the greatest brands in the guitar world today. Others comprise Taylor, Dean, Guild, GrGretchenMartin and much more.

Final Verdict
After a thoroughly reviewing all of the 5 bass , I have come to the conclusion that the Fender Standard Jazz Electric Bass Guitar is the finest of the lot. I am not saying others are no good, but that really is a Fender after all.

There are a whole lot of positive things I can say, but it all about the bass quality. They’re smooth, clear and set a rhythm that’s hard to match.

Its pickup layout is the industry standard and there is a reason behind that since the Fender is superbly built. With all these going for it, there’s no doubt for me that the Fender Jazz has the best basses for slap.

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