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Product description

The first wah pedal designed by bass players for bass players. The 105Q incorporates a proprietary potentiometer and custom EQ circuitry, specifically optimized for bass frequencies. The Cry Baby Bass Wah applies the wah effect to the mids and highs only, leaving a strong fundamental to hold down the bottom—so you can take solos or throw in fills without ever disturbing your low end. This amazing pedal is used by Flea, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Doug Wimbish, Robert Trujillo and more.

  • Optimized for bass frequencies
  • Separate Q and Volume controls
  • Auto-off switch
  • I was pleasantly surprised with what I got out of this pedal. This particular bass wah is what it sets out to be, A Cry Baby Wah that is designed and adjusted to work better with bass frequencies. The Dunlop 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah is a better wah effect for bass because the filters focus mainly around the high and mid range frequencies of the signal.
  • The fact that it does this makes the effect keep the integrity of the bass’s dry signal when it comes to the most critical frequency range of the bass, the low end. The unit also has a knob on the side where the player can adjust the “Q.” This parameter decides how broad the range of the filter is.
  • Lightweight and the perfect size

Morley PFW Cliff Burton Tribute

Product description

In collaboration with Ray Burton (Cliff’s Father), we created a tribute version of the 70’s Morley Power Fuzz Wahl used by original Metallica Bassist Cliff Burton. Combination Classic Wahl and fuzz pedal. Use wash or fuzz independently or together. Vintage voiced Wahl has Level control. Fuzz equipped with Fuzz Level, Intensity and Vintage / Modern switch. Powers from one 9V battery or optional Morley adapter. LED Indication, cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door and two-year warranty. Suitable for Guitar, Bass or Keys!

  • Tribute version of the 70’s Morley Power Fuzz Wahl used by original Metallica Bassist Cliff Burton. Suitable for Guitar, Bass or Keys
  • Combination Classic Wahl and fuzz pedal. Use Wahl or fuzz independently or together.
  • Vintage voiced Wahl with Level control. Fuzz equipped with Fuzz Level, Intensity and Vintage / Modern switch
  • Powers from one 9V battery or optional Morley adapter
  • LED Indication, cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door and two-year warranty
  • It’s 2 different effects units in one. It can easily be only a fuzz pedal or perhaps just a wah pedal. Naturally, you are able to combine the sounds in case you really desire.
  • The wah has a great dynamic range. The fuzz is able to go from just small addition to the overdriven bass sound that the legendary Metallica is associated with. Flip on the vintage switch to buy a classic rock fuzz sound.
  • The pedal is so dynamically responsive that I think it would be a great wah for other instruments like guitar and keyboards as well.
  • Battery is included! It is able to additionally be driven via a proprietary 9V adapter.

The Morley PBA 2 Dual Bass Wah

Product description

Switchless Bass Wah with two footswitchable Wah modes. Traditional Wah mode is for classic Wah tones. Funk Wah is great for percussive, funky Wah tone for slappin’ and poppin’. Great for use with 5, 6 and 7 string basses where the lower string frequency is too low for standard WAH pedals. WAH level control, LED indication, easy access battery compartment and two-year warranty.

  • Switchless design Simply step on to engage wah mode and step off to go to bypass
  • Two foot selectable wah modes Traditional wah and funk wah
  • Level knob alters wah output in either wah mode
  • Electro optical circuitry no pots to wear out
  • True tone bypass ensures pure tone and maintains signal in bypass or either wah modes
  • 2 in 1 – The Morley PBA-2 Dual Bass Wah with Two Wah Modes is two separate versions of the pedal in one package. I had a blast toggling back and forth between the two modes and exploring the possibilities. There is a funk wah mode for a more funky style and the traditional wah is ideal for hard rockers. They are both incredibly expressive.
  • Dry Signal Integrity – The Clear Tone Technology helps the effect maintain the dry signal while modulating it. The dry signal is unaltered in both bypass and wah mode.
  • It is rugged – The PBA 2 is a great option for a touring bassist. I am aware other musicians who have had similar Morley pedal for twenty years, and it also works. You are able to often rely on Morley’s quality construction.
  • The pedal is often both powered by a 9V battery or perhaps a 9V power adapter. I discovered that the power adapter gave the pedal a bit better tone. There’s a wah output knob which helps adjust the quantity of the result in the signal.

Considerations When Looking For A Bass Wah Pedal

Bass guitars are distinct types of guitars which are used for giving a good beat framework for playing melodies. They’re also utilized by some soloists in a few types of music. As a result, the wah pedals for bass guitars are distinct and unique from other effects pedals. Selecting the proper effects pedal for a bass guitar is paramount to making the best out of the instrument. When you do not understand how to select the best pedal, take into account the next considerations when looking for a bass wah pedal.

Assess brands with an established record

Regardless of what kind of tunes you want to make with an effects pedal for a bass guitar, ensure you consider reliable brands. Never consider pedal brands that are brand new in the marketplace. While the pedals offered by a brand new brand might be really economical, you might wind up expending the money of yours on a low quality item that’s not effective at producing desired levels of tunes.

Longevity and quality

Clearly, you do not wish to devote your money and time once more and then on finding a quality bass effects pedal. Consider popular brands that are famous for offering high class pedals with increased longevity. Although such a bass pedal may be a bit expensive, the cost is well worth the item which is going to serve you longer for creating incredible sounds.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews from users are very beneficial in judging the worth of a bass effects pedal. Reviews are able to make or perhaps mar the product regardless of how great it’s. If a specific product isn’t backed by reviews that are good, it’s not well worth the purchase.

Users or perhaps professional guitarists often post their feedback about particular effects pedal brands. You are able to surf those reviews and also learn how credible and reliable a particular brand is. In line with feedback and ratings, concentrate on a handful of models that are very backed for providing quality pedals at prices that are reasonable.

Shop wisely

Now you know what you should look for in a bass wah pedal, it is time to shop wisely to bag probably the best pedal. Compare the quality, pricing, longevity, shipping and refund policy of all brands in detail that is great. Go through the terms of purchase of each brand properly to stay away from regretting later.

Furthermore, be sure the brands in consideration offer an ample money back guarantee. This can ascertain you are able to seek a refund in case you’re unhappy with the caliber of the pedal. After reviewing various effects pedals, select the brand which provides a superior quality bass wah pedal in return for a modest price.

Closing words

You are going to find a selection of best wah pedals for bass guitars, with a few pedals particularly designed for basses and others are general purpose pedals. Nevertheless, in case you’re searching for an innovative and distinct pedal, take into account the above considerations when looking for a bass wah pedal. With the option of the right pedal brand, you are able to create amazing, modern tunes as well as take your music career to new heights.

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