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Why You Should Trust Us
When we make the decision to recommend something to our readers, it is only after carefully reviewing several others like it. We never advocate anything without performing extensive research. It’s no different in the case of these bass drums.

We’ve spent hours sifting through a variety of bass drums currently available in the marketplace and have gone over every detail before deciding on the five we liked the most and felt confident in recommending to our readers.

We spend a lot of time on the inspection process to ensure we are only recommending the best to our subscribers. Our readers’ satisfaction means a lot to us, which is why we take the initial review process so badly. We want our readers to be pleased with anything we recommend, particularly if it turns into a purchase.

How to Select a Bass Drum
Your bass drum can make or break your songs, which is why choosing the ideal bass drum for the type of music you will be playing is vital. Each style of music has its own type of kick in the bass that’s special to the kind of music you’re playing.

The number one thing you would like to think about when choosing your bass guitar is exactly what style of music you plan to play. The bass is what most people notice first when listing to music, which is why carefully choosing the right bass drum for your type of music is so critical.

Think about all the different kinds of music you listen to. In hip-hop, the bass is very rumble while in dubstep it’s more short and punchy. Every kind of music has its own type of bass.

You also want to look closely at the tail length of the kick to your music. This is how long your kick lasts when you’re playing.

When you are picking your bass drum, then you will wish to take into account if there are any enhancements which will be crucial for your music. This is usually only important for experienced drummers who play at gigs or perform any production work.

As you’re considering which bass drum is right for you, it’ll be important to know how easy to tune your prospective new bass drum is. You’ll want something simple and quick to song, especially if you play at lots of gigs.

When you’re searching for bass drums, you will want a drum you can trust will last you. The best way you can do this is by choosing a well-trusted brand.

There are many different brands that are called top drum manufacturers such as Yamaha, Pearl, Evans, and Pacific Drums to name a few. Looking at popular brands can help you feel confident you’re getting a good, quality drum.

In addition to looking at popular brands with a solid reputation, you also need to consider your budget. Bass drums can be found offered in a wide range of prices. Regardless of your price range, you should be able to find a bass drum that’s both good quality and within your budget.

Bass Drum vs. Double Bass Drum
Many bass drummers have been confronted with the choice of a standard bass drum or a double bass drum. A double bass drum is common in certain types of music such as hard rock and heavy metal.

Double bass drums are also occasionally used in some forms of jazz, fusion, and punk. Double bass drums come in two kinds; 2 single bass drums or two pedals on a single bass drum.

Double bass drums first came around in the 1940’s but gained their popularity in the 1960’s. They started in jazz music, but their popularity rose with their use among rock drummers.

Depending on the type of music you play, a double bass drum setup may be the perfect setup for you. If you are on a budget and want to provide a double bass drum a shot, we recommend the two pedals on a single bass drum.

While this does seem like a lot to consider when choosing a bass drum, it is important to ensure you are choosing the right bass drum for your own music.

The Competition
After hours of testing and research, here’s the final competition.

Instrument Rating Current Pricing
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 18×15
strong drum made with a complete birch shell, Fantastic tone $269.99
Pearl Vision Birch Bass Drum
tone is very well balanced matched with low-end projection Out of stock
Evans EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum Head
sound produced is very moving, you’ll want to keep playing all day long $44.95
Pacific Drums PDCB1822KKNC Bass Drum
equipped with leg stands, which is fine for setting down and storing $379.17
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 22×17
includes die-cast brass drum claw hooks Out of stock
Our Recommendation: The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 18×15
Charge: Musician’s Friend

After carefully reviewing a variety of bass drum choices, there is no question about which bass drum is our number one choice. The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 18×15 Bass Drum won our vote hands down.

To begin with, we love this drum is a solid drum made with an entire birch shell. We found all of the various finishes available very stylish, but we personally fell in love with the Honey Amber finish.

Enough about the outer look, this bass drum produces the best sound we have heard among the drums we compared. It’s easy it is to tune these drums to achieve the tone you’re looking for. The leg stoppers included will also be convenient for placing the drum down by itself.

This drum would be the right alternative for both novices and advanced drummers. Our only criticism is with the mounting system. It works but is on the economical and easy side.

From the quality, sound, looks, and adaptability we were very delighted with this bass drum. The price made it a no-brainer as well at under $300.

Runner Up: Pearl Vision Birch
Credit: Musician’s Friend

While we were completely satisfied with our number one choice, we had a very close runner up. The Pearl Vision Birch Bass Drum is made by another well-trusted brand.

This drum is also an entire birch shell producing great sound. The tone is well balanced paired with low-end projection. This drum is a top option and almost made its way to our number one place, but the cost of this drum is what chucked it at the number two spot instead.

While it’s a more affordable all-birch drum by Pearl, there’s an almost $150 price difference between the Yamaha all-birch and this Pearl all-birch. It’s a great bass drum for those people who are not on a budget.

This is the bass drum we selected as our runner-up for the number one place and with good reason. We loved this drum set. Not only are they appealing to the eye, but the audio output is extremely nice.

You get all that you would expect from Pearl. We really liked the sleek design of the bass drum and that it is made by the well-trusted pearl. We are convinced that this is a high quality drum that will not disappoint.

We also liked how balanced the tone is. The low-end projection can accommodate the high frequencies which can come from smaller drums.

Though this is a more affordable all-birch option offered by Pearl, we do believe there are some more budget-friendly alternatives available by several other brands. In general, we were completely satisfied with this drum. It can be found for around $400 and the directions are extremely easy to follow.

Other Products to Consider:
Evans EMAD2 Clear
Charge: Musician’s Friend

This is just the batter head, but still a solid choice if you’re looking for a bass drum head that’s affordable that is good quality with a fantastic sound output. This drum head is perfect for anybody looking to for power kicks.

We were very impressed with the noise produced by this bass drum head. Evans is a really well-known brand when it comes to drum heads and they have a large selection of bass drum heads. The sound produced is quite moving, which makes you want to keep playing all day long.

We were also very satisfied with the price tag, at just around $30 plus shipping. Buying a drum head is a very affordable option and you will be satisfied with the noise you hear when you put this drum head to use.

The only thing we can find as a con with this is it is just a drum head. This is not necessarily a bad thing. This implies it’s synonymous with your existing drum set.

We do believe that the descriptions we found online for the various places it’s available to buy don’t clearly summarize this as just a drum head. Many might believe they’re getting an actual drum. Outside of that, we’re very impressed with this bass drum head all around.

Pacific Drums PDCB1822KKNC
Credit: Amazon.com

We totally loved the look of the bass drum. The natural to charcoal fade is a really nice look, particularly when accompanied by all-chrome hardware. The birch shell is also very fine in providing great sound quality.

This drum comes equipped with leg stands, which is fine for setting down and storing. This bass drum can be purchased for less than $400. Pacific Drums is a renowned brand among drums, so we were able to be confident in the quality this drum has.

We couldn’t find anything we did not like about this particular drum. It didn’t make the number one spot because it lacked a number of the characteristics of our top two choices. We’ll say that as only a bass drum, we did find the cost to be a bit on the steeper end.

Overall, we were happy with this drum and are happy to recommend it to our readers who aren’t on a particular budget. It is a very wonderful bass drum that would be a great selection for any of our readers.

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 22×17 Cranberry Red
Credit: Amazon.com

While we chose the 18×15 model as our number one choice, we felt the 22×17 model was worth mentioning to our subscribers. We really liked the color of the drum.

It’s a little bigger than another Yamaha we previously recommended and also includes die-cast brass drum claw hooks. These drums sound great and tune with ease, which is great when attempting to get the tone you’re looking for.

While they can be used for many styles of music, they really sound great for bop, funk, and soul. The sound is great, as anticipated from Yamaha.

One thing we did find with this version is that the response seems to be somewhat boring and you almost need to knock them in an effort to get the snares to awaken.

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