Best Auto Wah Pedals 2021

Wahs are among the most practical and most used effects in almost any genre of music that features guitars. What we’re generally used to is a standard wah pedal, where you have to manually manipulate the expression pedal in order to cut off certain parts of the frequency range. However, there’s another form of wah that’s getting more and more popular. Auto ways are a versatile piece of gear that largely automates the wah-wah effect.

Instead, the auto wah works as an envelope filter which cuts off parts of the frequency range based on the power of the attack. To put it differently, if you play softly, you’ll find a more subtle wah effect, but if you pick strings with more force, the effect will become more apparent.

Today, we’re going to demonstrate some of the best auto wah pedals on the market. We searched for those that have the best sensitivity, and most versatile functionality. Let’s dig in.

Donner Mini Auto Wah Pedal Dynamic Wah Guitar Effect Pedal

Even if your budget has you searching for rock-bottom prices, you can still add an auto-wah impact to your audio arsenal thanks to this little gem from Donner. Not only is it super-affordable, it is also very economical in terms of space, using a compact and lightweight design that lets it fit easily into any guitarist’s set-up. It’s not quite as feature-rich as some of the more expensive choices on the listing, but if all you need is a simple effect pedal it will get the job done in a fraction of the price tag.


Given the size and price, you may be surprised how many customization options you get with this pedal. The main Range knob allows you to adjust the frequency range of the filter. Smaller knobs over it give you the option to tweak the sensitivity, sharpness (RES), and decay of this effect. The all-analog circuitry with a true bypass footswitch keeps the signal integrity.


The Donner Mini Auto-Wah is a really responsive pedal, capable of creating an impressive range of effect tones. The analog circuitry gives you an effect with a high-quality tone–not one of the artificial or thin-sounding effects you may anticipate from a pedal at this price point. It’s easy to fix, too, with a smooth response from the knobs. Nothing about this pedal sounds or feels like it is in the budget end of the spectrum. The casing is an aluminum metal, built to stand up to the sort of abuse a pedal can take from a professional musician. If you’re looking for the greatest value in auto-wah pedals, look no further than this version from Donner.

  • 1.Auto Wah pedal ,fully controllable envelope filter with unique decay control, highly accurate and very fast tracking.
  • 2.Four function knobs SENS is used to controls the sensitivity. RES is used to control the filter sharpness. DECAY is used to control the filter frequency falls back to the resting point. RANGE is used to control the filter frequency range.
  • 3.Analog circuit design, true bypass provide transparent tone. Whole Aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong.
  • 4.LED indicator shows the working state.
  • 5.DC 9V Adapter power supply.(come without power adpater)

Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron Envelope Follower Pedal

Electro-Harmonix partially established that the auto wah branch of this market with their original Q-Tron pedal. The one we are looking at today is a more recent iteration of this legendary model. It is more complex than the ones we reviewed thus far, and it attracts a lot of great features that most post users welcome arms wide open.


This is the double-wide effects pedal which takes a 24v power supply. Right off the bat you know you’re dealing with a beefy stompbox. The front panel is dominated by a set of knobs which essentially permit you to control each and every aspect of signal modulation. The first knob is used to pick the kind of filter you want. You’ve Got Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Mixed. Next, you may choose the sweep mode, range, peak, profit and finally boost. That’s lots of flexibility.


Having so much hands-on control over everything, you have the capability to dial in almost any kind of wah effect you need. On one hand, it has a welcoming change in comparison to other models that simplify the entire process, but it’s also overwhelming for some guitar players. If you demand a very wide range and don’t mind the complex nature of the pedal, Q-Tron is most likely the best car wah pedal for you.

  • Envelope controlled filter is a unique type of sound modifier in which playing controls the filter
  • The volume of the input signal controls the cutoff frequency or center frequency of a swept filter
  • As your instruments volume increases or decreases, so does the pitch of the filter
  • Runs on 9V battery or optional AC adapter

Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah

The Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Pedal gives guitarists a wide range of classic auto-wah and dynamic wah effects, plus a new “humanizer” effect that can simulate human vowel sounds. The Boss AW-3’s bass input even provides a variety of funky wah sounds for bass guitar. An EXP mode allows wah control via optional expression pedal.


This pedal has separate inputs for guitar and bass. It’s rugged and durable but obviously doesn’t have the same visual delight as some boutique wahs. It also has an expression pedal input which allows you to access a truly unique world of wah goodness. You can program this wah with tempo settings; it has a unique ‘humanizer’ to give vowel-like sounds to your instrument. That’s pretty cool – Boss always squeezes in a unique option.


People love this pedal because it has some original twists. It’s a little more digital in tone, as it forgoes quality circuits for extra features, like many Boss pedals. That doesn’t matter in some rigs though, and this pedal makes up for it with cool options. The auto wah effects provided by this pedal come close to the boutique models on the list but lack warmth.

The humanizer sounds great though, it’ll really capture the imagination of some guitarists. With tempo selection settings you can set the wah to your beat or instrumental and place complete faith that you’ll wah along in time.

AW-3 comes in a comfortable package we’re used to seeing from Boss. It’s four inputs/outputs, including different inputs for bass and guitar, together with a dedicated expression pedal input. The controls available are pretty extensive but easy to master. Honestly, for the cost, it is one of the more complex models you can learn there.


. It’s relatively easy to use, while it also includes some additional features you don’t often find on other models in this category. One good example of this is the Humanizer effect that is available.

  • Can be used for both bass and guitar. Earlier, the Boss AW 3 Dynamic Wah was regarded asore of a guitar pedal. Probably The newest version is created for use by both bassists and guitarists. There’s actually its own input on the side based on which instrument you would like to use. Both inputs are 1/4′.
  • Cool versatile feature – This pedal is a bit different than other in you are able to program it to use auto wah and put it in a fixed position. In the event that you would like to manage the filter, physically you are able to simply attach an expression pedal and control it that way. The choices are limitless. The auto wah can be changed using a tempo control.
  • Humanizer feature – Among the coolest features on the AW 3 is the “Humanizer.” This effect is able to give the guitar of yours or perhaps bass a vocal sounding effect. The formant filter on this’s invaluable as well as there’s an extensive range of powerful possibilities. You will find 2 different knobs for vowel sounds on the Humanizer function. The brand new Boss pedals are also stronger compared to the ancestors of theirs. The AW 3 is definitely built to last. I suggest getting an expression pedal to help control the pedal in time that is real in case you’re likely to be playing it live.

Keeley KBASS Bass Compression Effect Pedal

This fantastic pedal allows you to enjoy a wealth of exciting and new effects for the guitar of yours. It features a Neutrino Envelope Filter with simple controls. This pedal has a gain control, a filter and peak control selection with three different timbre filters for many sonic possibilities. It may sound as a vintage unit, providing a good funk sound right from the box. This pedal is perfect to replicate all of your favorite funk tones and like auto wahs, you are able to set it up and forget about it.

This pedal unit comes with only the 3 knobs and 2 switches. It will take some time to dial in the perfect tone, particularly in case you are not experienced with wahs or perhaps envelope filters but in general, it is not hard to make use of. Range control (hi to low) control how sharp or mellow your wah is.

Three filter timbres can be selected, a direction switch on the side controls whether the wah goes up or perhaps down and the top mounted switch controls whether low or high frequencies are stressed. It is a highly built unit too, roadworthy and compact. The pedal is well made by a boutique manufacturer, Keeley, who hand makes units.

These pedals provide a bespoke tone and it will not suit everyone. This one features a classic funk sound that is warm, vintage, and rich in tone because of its optocoupler design. That is the big plus for this pedal, it resembles classic wah pedals with the auto wah twist to boot. The harder you play, the higher this pedal will respond. Individual notes are creatively articulated for funk stabs and vowel sounds.

Certain components of the frequency spectrum stand out much more than others and this creates problems for some guitarists who move up and down the neck. In case you are gonna play funk with this, although, then you will find it amazing. It is quite simply one of the most lovingly crafted and very best auto wah pedals on the market. Keeley does it again!

Conclusion — What to Look for in the Ideal Auto Wah

 When we think of the wah pedal, we think of the classic foot controlled pedal what accompanied funk and disco music. They are practical for numerous genres, although, and the foot controlled models can be manually manipulated to cut off parts of the frequency range to make that famous wah wah tone. Today, however, a brand new breed of wah pedals, named auto wahs, have arrived on the scene and also proving to be different beasts to wah pedals, they are growing a lot more popular.

The key distinction is the fact that an auto wah shapes the tone of your guitar depending on the input. This means their envelope filter is mostly controlled by your guitar’s decay and attack. They automatically generate the wah effect according to what you are playing, according to set controls. You do not have to concern yourself with the pedal when it is set up.

This particular set and forget function is perfect for a few scenarios where it is impractical to attend the pedal of yours the entire time you wish to use a wah. For funk players, the auto wah equips you with a constantly effective wah effect that responds to your picking dynamics. Auto-wahs are cool, creative, and flexible. We are accustomed to hearing and seeing wahs but the auto wah is not the exact same, it is a unique beast and that is just how it should be handled.

Conclusion: What is perfect Auto Wah Pedal?

You cannot fail with the Mad Professor Snow White, it’s to be among the best auto wah pedals in the world today. The Boss AW 3 pedal offers a cheaper alternative. Best of luck!

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