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The 4 Best Auto Wah Pedals — Reviews 2019

Wahs are among the most practical and most used effects in almost any genre of music that features guitars. What we’re generally used to is a standard wah pedal, where you have to manually manipulate the expression pedal in order to cut off certain parts of the frequency range. However, there’s another form of war that’s getting more and more popular. Auto ways are a versatile piece of gear that largely automates the wah-wah effect. There is no expression pedal to be worried about.

Instead, the auto wah works as an envelope filter which cuts off parts of the frequency range based on the power of the attack. To put it differently, if you play softly, you’ll find a more subtle wah effect, but if you pick strings with more force, the effect will become more apparent. Today, we’re going to demonstrate some of the best auto wah pedals on the market. We searched for those that have the best sensitivity, and most versatile functionality. Let’s dig in.

Mad Professor Snow White Car

Mad Professor MAD-HW-SWAW Guitar Wah Effects Pedal

If you want the best there is, Mad Professor Snow White Auto is exactly what you’re looking for. This pedal has become the go-to alternative for those who value quality and subtle details. It is not the most expensive piece of gear out there, but it has shown that cost does not always dictate performance. On a similar note, it’s not the most elaborate pedal , but it draws its appeal from elsewhere.


In all essence Mad Professor Snow White Auto (see complete specs) is a fairly straightforward auto wah pedal compared to some other models. It comes in a clean, white case that features four knobs in total along with a stomp switch. These control Sensitivity, Bias, Resonance and Decay. Using the controls available, you can emulate a wide assortment of wah effects, which allows you to adjust the effect in a way that best fits your genre of music.


The main reason why this pedal has become so common in a fairly short time period is a result of its impressive performance. Of all of the auto wahs currently available, Mad Professor Snow White Auto offers the most organic wah effect. It’s almost identical to what you could experience using some of the finest standard wah pedals on the market. You can dial in the perfect sensitivity and rust that doesn’t over saturate the signal. In our opinion, with its best bang for your buck ratio, this is the best auto wah pedal for the money.

Mad Professor -Snow White AutoWah
Donner Mini Auto Wah Pedal

Donner Mini Auto Wah Pedal Dynamic Wah Guitar Effect Pedal

Even if your budget has you searching for rock-bottom prices, you can still add an auto-wah impact to your audio arsenal thanks to this little gem from Donner. Not only is it super-affordable, it is also very economical in terms of space, using a compact and lightweight design that lets it fit easily into any guitarist’s set-up. It’s not quite as feature-rich as some of the more expensive choices on the listing, but if all you need is a simple effect pedal it will get the job done in a fraction of the price tag.


Given the size and price, you may be surprised how many customization options you get with this pedal. The main Range knob allows you to adjust the frequency range of the filter. Smaller knobs over it give you the option to tweak the sensitivity, sharpness (RES), and decay of this effect. The all-analog circuitry with a true bypass footswitch keeps the signal integrity.


The Donner Mini Auto-Wah is a really responsive pedal, capable of creating an impressive range of effect tones. The analog circuitry gives you an effect with a high-quality tone–not one of the artificial or thin-sounding effects you may anticipate from a pedal at this price point. It’s easy to fix, too, with a smooth response from the knobs. Nothing about this pedal sounds or feels like it is in the budget end of the spectrum. The casing is an aluminum metal, built to stand up to the sort of abuse a pedal can take from a professional musician. If you’re looking for the greatest value in auto-wah pedals, look no further than this version from Donner.

Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron

Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron Envelope Follower Pedal

Electro-Harmonix partially established that the auto wah branch of this market with their original Q-Tron pedal. The one we are looking at today is a more recent iteration of this legendary model. It is more complex than the ones we reviewed thus far, and it attracts a lot of great features that most post users welcome arms wide open.


This is the double-wide effects pedal which takes a 24v power supply. Right off the bat you know you’re dealing with a beefy stompbox. The front panel is dominated by a set of knobs which essentially permit you to control each and every aspect of signal modulation. The first knob is used to pick the kind of filter you want. You’ve Got Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Mixed. Next, you may choose the sweep mode, range, peak, profit and finally boost. That’s lots of flexibility.


Having so much hands-on control over everything, you have the capability to dial in almost any kind of wah effect you need. On one hand, it has a welcoming change in comparison to other models that simplify the entire process, but it’s also overwhelming for some guitar players. If you demand a very wide range and don’t mind the complex nature of the pedal, Q-Tron is most likely the best car wah pedal for you.

Micro Q Tron Envelope Filter –Bass Jam–
Boss AW-3

Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah

Boss is among these companies that are capable of delivering good quality at affordable cost, all while mass producing every version they supply. Boss AW-3 is an inexpensive auto way that’s perfect for those on a limited budget. With that said, it doesn’t lack much compared to the pedals we mentioned so far.


AW-3 comes in a comfortable package we’re used to seeing from Boss. It’s four inputs/outputs, including different inputs for bass and guitar, together with a dedicated expression pedal input. The controls available are pretty extensive but easy to master. Honestly, for the cost, it is one of the more complex models you can learn there.


Concerning performance, you are looking at a more conservative auto wah effect pedal (see complete specs). It’s relatively easy to use, while it also includes some additional features you don’t often find on other models in this category. One good example of this is the Humanizer effect that is available. Maybe it does not sound as natural as our first pick on this list, but AW-3 gets the job done.

Boss Dynamic Wah (AW-3)
Conclusion — What to Look for in the Ideal Best Auto Wah

When you’re shopping for an auto wah pedal, you definitely want one which has a decent range and sensitivity. Otherwise, you are getting a glorified phase which will not get you the results you require. Essentially, this is an automated version of a pedal that needs feel and human touch; hence, the ability to create various tonal adjustments with higher efficiency is absolutely crucial.

These four pedals represent a fantastic cross-section of the market and are possibly the best auto wah pedals you can find in their respective price brackets. Very good luck.

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