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Best Alto Saxophone Brands and TOP seven Alto Sax Reviews 2018

April nineteen, 2018 By Harry





Like all wind instruments, saxophones are available in an assortment of price points based on reputation, quality of craftsmanship, construction materials, and construction methods.

While it’s not possible to pinpoint the very best of the very best amid this constellation of options, there are a couple of alto saxophones that are likely to rise to the top part of many lists.

Choosing from among these superlatives becomes a nuanced affair for the discerning saxophonist, with the final decision resting with the musician’s specific needs and playing context.

Yamaha YAS 82ZII SaxophoneYamaha Custom Z

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Yanagisawa A 992 SaxophoneYanagisawa A-992 Bronze Alto Saxophone

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Yanagisawa WO20 SaxophoneYanagisawa WO20

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A jazz artist, for instance, may seek the instrument that produces probably the smokiest sound available.

Contrastingly, the classical musician is definitely enthusiastic about the fluidity of the saxophone’s keying action. Moving precisely and quickly through a series of notes will be the top priority.

The very best alto saxophones listed below represent a sizable swath of the available options.

Each sax, like the individual operating the sax, offers an intricate series of markers that delineate its particular action and sound from its competitors.

In the long run, an excellent saxophonist will need to test a fantastic saxophone to find out if the superlatives of its also imply its compatibility with the performer and playing context.

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The Brands

Yamaha Saxophones

Yanagisawa Saxophones

Cannonball Saxophones

Selmer Saxophones

Honorable Mentions

Final Thoughts

The Brands

When choosing a top end instrument, the musician is best served by concentrating on the brands with top recommendations from noted performers or perhaps most storied histories.

Most saxophonists contend that the Cadillac brands include Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Cannonball, and of course, Selmer.

While Selmer instruments have a tendency to get the default label, Best of the most effective, the other contenders offer quality that is similar and reputations.

A thorough look at all these brands reveals seven gems that stand among probably the finest saxophones in the land.

Yamaha Saxophones

As most musicians know, Yamaha produces fantastic instruments from across the symphonic band family.

Yamaha Saxophones, appreciated for being beautiful horns at reasonable prices, are particularly noteworthy for their precisely machined fittings and keys.

Yamaha YAS 82ZII Custom Z Alto Saxophone

Yamaha Custom Z

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Under the Yamaha name, the Custom Z instrument stands out. With lightning fast action, an intricate tone color, along with an amazing ebony appearance, the Z is both gorgeous sounding and beautiful looking.

A flexible instrument, the Z is usually heard in the concert hall, the jazz combo, or even on the marching band field.

Yanagisawa Saxophones

Yanagisawa instruments continue to dazzle the woodwind world with innovative bronze usage. The bronze affords the classical artist excellent response, warm sound, and an impressive dynamic range.

In the Yanagisawa line, a number of favorites standout. Recognized because of its airtight design and marvelous intonation, the A 992 Bronze is a favorite of soloists.

Yanagisawa A-992 Saxophone

Yanagisawa A-992 Bronze Alto Saxophone

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The A-992’s upgraded cousin, the Yanagisawa WO20, is prized because of its luscious, dark tone in addition to its deft key action.

Discerning saxophonists love both of these Yanagisawa models.

Yanagisawa WO20 Saxophone

Yanagisawa WO20

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Cannonball Saxophones

The Cannonball Saxophone Company is clearly the brand new kid on the block. Founded in 1996 by instrumentalists Sheryl and Tevis Laukat, Cannonball features handcrafted instruments which are often specifically designed to meet up with the playing attributes of the artist making the order.

In the professional series of saxes, the Big Bell saxophone features 2 necks, blue steel springs, leather/felt keypads, and obviously the signature big bell.

Acoustically tweaked by one of the musicians on the staff, the Big Bells never ever go out of the manufacturing facility without taking several laps around classical and jazz literature.

Cannonball’s Gerald Albright series is prized because of its stunning appearance and soulful sound.

Under the supervision of the master himself, the Albrights receive vigorous testing to ensure consistent quality and a flawless appearance. Both Cannonballs have a tendency to be at the top part of the price chart.

Only elite players place these instruments in the collection of theirs.


Selmer Saxophones

No discussion of saxophone superlatives is complete with no consideration of several Selmer models. The French manufacturer, in the company after the late 19th Century, boasts an amazing list of saxophonists on its list of artists who play or perhaps played Selmer.

Claude Delangle, Zoot Sims, Paul Desmond, John Coltrane, Frederick Hemke, Marcel Mule, and Herschel Evans are among the A Listers who preferred a Selmer to its competitors.

The Mark VI and VII, while no longer in production, are among the best alto saxophone models of all time. In a word, the Mark instruments are smooth.

With a flawless key design, airtight fittings, and a great appearance, the VII and VI are highly prized in both symphonic and jazz settings.

Among the more recent, Reference 36, available models and Reference fifty four Firebird create a sound a lot like the legendary Mark VI.

With an immensely warm tone and a rich finish, Selmer References are the instruments of choice for Jazz musicians.

Selmer Mark Vi Alto SaxophoneSelmer Mark VI

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Selmer Paris Reference thirty six SaxophoneSelmer Paris Reference thirty six Tenor Saxophone

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Selmer Paris Reference fifty four SaxophoneSelmer Paris Reference fifty four Tenor Saxophone

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A word about manufacturing sites. While all Selmers are wonderful, most saxophonists insist that a model manufactured in Paris is always better than similar model when it’s built in the United States.

Although this could be much more of a comment about the mystique of Parisian instruments than a literal truth, it’s really worth consideration.

Honorable Mentions

Besides the primo instruments listed above, it’s generally appropriate to think about the advantages of having an instrument made by Jupiter, Martin, Keilwerth, and Vito.

These 4 manufacturers offer the midlevel musician fabulous instruments at a palatable price.

Keilwerth SX90R

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The Jupiter CXL and Keilwerth SX90R are definitely worth some consideration and research.

With the price point savings, the intermediate saxophonist may be in a place to purchase 2 or even more instruments that enhance the versatility of the artist.

Final Thoughts

The saxophone market place is dynamic and big. Due to always changing fluctuations, instrument demand, or economic conditions in saxophone features in modern music literature, saxophone companies often merge, scale back production offerings, or perhaps altogether fold.

Having said that, some companies continue to flourish financially while also churning out some marvelous instruments.

Yamaha, Cannonball, Yanagisawa, and Selmer remain at the top part of any list. At the conclusion of the day, although, it’s tough to fail with Selmer.

From its simplest instruments right up to the References, Selmer offers the discerning instrumentalist probably the highest standards of versatility, tone quality, and craftsmanship with every instrument it manufactures.

It’s a wise decision to get a couple of instruments in the studio, as long as at least one is a Selmer.

Happy playing as well as we hope you found the very best alto saxophone for you!

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