Yamaha P45 vs 71

The Yamaha P45 and P71 are both the one and the same, with the P71 being the amazon exclusive. Read the full review HERE   Key Action & Playing Feel I think my favorite thing about the Yamaha P 45 is the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action. This function makes it feel like a genuine piano. Essentially, the mass of the keys gets heavier as you go down the selection of the piano. In case you’re searching for a digital piano with the feel of the actual thing, this’s probably the most reasonably priced solution. You will find actual mini … Read more


Yamaha P255 Review

The Yamaha P255 eighty eight key digital piano is one high class piano. This’s the conclusion I have come to after spending a great deal of time with this fine, well put together machine a couple of days ago at the local music shop of mine. This piano’s been catching a great bit of buzz lately, and also after a number of requests from several of the co-workers of mine and other followers, I have opted to give this Yamaha digital piano a run because of its money. And I’ve to say – I was much more than delighted when … Read more

Williams Reviews

Williams Allegro 2 Plus Review

In the past several years, Williams has established itself in the affordable part of the digital pianos market with the announcement of the Williams Allegro 2 in March 2015. Since then, it has been available around the world and it ships under the $300 price range, which will possibly make it 1 of top digital pianos for beginners. Below, please check out the interactive table below to compare the Williams Allegro two to many other related pianos: And today, with no further ado, let us go for a much deeper look into this very portable instrument.   So What is Different? … Read more

Kawai Reviews

Kawai ES 100 Review

Because it was established, Kawai was and continues to be,  associated with extreme quality. In the lengthy history of its brand,  founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai has evolved from making hi end concert pianos to creating professional and reliable digital pianos. Lately, the company unveiled a brand new product or service in its popular ES series: the Kawai ES 100, and that is the first ever 88 key weighted hammer action digital piano under $thousand from the Japanese manufacturer, now offered for $799. Designed for piano pupils, professional and intermediate musicians who are concerned about the piano sound and … Read more

Wind Instrument Reviews

TOP Mouthpiece Reviews

Yamaha Alto Sax Mouthpiece 4C   Click Here for Pricing, Reviews and pictures on Amazon.com Review: A great choice for all abilities, this mouthpiece will provide you a forgiving mouthpiece with an obvious tone that’s affordable. Pros: Easy to keep tone across a big range. Good for all abilities. Affordable. Choose this mouthpiece for: A simple full tone and beginners. Selmer S 80C for Alto Saxophone Click Here for Pricing, Reviews and pictures on Amazon.com Review: Professional mouthpiece with a step baffle. This top part of the range mouthpiece is fantastic for professional saxophonists. Pros: Great for solos cutting through the … Read more